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Letter to the editor – too many Samui Facebook pages and groups?

Samui Times Editor



Letter to the editor – too many Samui Facebook pages and groups? | Samui Times
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Dear Editor,

I am a long time resident on Samui and along with many of my friends have raised in conversation about the nuisance of the Samui facebook pages/groups. I must admit at the beginning they were really useful there was the Samui online Pin board and the Samui Online Car Boot sale, but now it has become overloaded with pages all basically doing the same thing. So if advertising one needs to one needs to load the add numerous times in fear of missing someone out. Likewise if looking for something you must scroll down through numerous pages/groups.

Please note right now with a quick search I found the following public groups for Samui:

1. Secondhand Buy & Sell Koh Samui

2. Community Online Pin Board Koh Samui

3. Samui Rent & Buy & Sell & Meet FOR FREE

4. Samui Sell & Buy

5. Samui Buy & Sell

6. Samui buy & sell everything

7. Samui Second Hand

8. Samui Handyman Services

9. Samui House Sell & Rent

10. Samui Online Property Rentals

11. Samui Property Rentals & Management

12. Samui Renting

13. Koh Samui Rental

This are all listed as Public Groups, couldn’t some of the administrators close down some of your groups or if you are a company list it as a closed group or a page? As do some of the private businesses such as “Samui Property Services” and “Samui Services” who do the right thing.

Just a thought!

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