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Letter to the editor – two problems around Maenam

Samui Times Editor



Letter to the editor – two problems around Maenam | Samui Times
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We drove past the Maenam area around Angela’s bakery and noticed that on the other side of the road there is a very big tree which is leaning way over into the road — clearly about to fall.

The big problem is that it’s branches are all tangled up in the electric, cable and phone wires, such that when it falls fully, not only will it block the road, it will surely take out all those cables, disrupting service for thousands of people. Do you know anyone at the PEA of local government who can be called in to deal with this before it becomes an emergency. It is appalling that nothing has been do yet and it’s been gradually leaning / falling for the past several days.

Another issue: Why does the road construction crew in Baan Tai / Bang por area have to work on 75% of the road width at one time, such that vehicles can only go through one lane at a time, thus backing up traffic for miles? Cannot they be instructed to always leave at least two lanes open at a time? They seem totally oblivious to the huge inconvenience and indeed severe impact on local business and tourism they are causing. Someone in authority needs to step in and let them know how to simply work on one half of the road at a time, rather than block nearly the whole road. It’s crazy.

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