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Letter to the editor – Where did our bins go?

Samui Times Editor



Letter to the editor – Where did our bins go? | Samui Times
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I am a resident of Koh Samui, I live in Maenam Soi 2. A while ago there was a dustbin outside my house that was obviously very useful, however recently it was taken away. This was not a huge problem as there were still 3 big bins in the Soi for the residents to use, but one by binsone they were also taken away so now we do not have any bins in Soi 2. The total lack of bins in our Soi was also not a huge problem as there was a large area on the ring road near Soi 2 opposite 7-11 for rubbish and many people used that. Now that area has been removed and surrounded by trees and shrubs, obviously to deter anybody from continuing to dump rubbish there so now we all find ourselves sneaking around the area looking for bins to dump our rubbish in. My question now is this, where the hell are we all meant to put our rubbish now?

Note from the editor – have any other residents on the island had similar problems with rubbish bins and disposal areas disappearing?

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