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Lingerie company in Thailand launches three tear jerking videos

Samui Times Editor



Lingerie company in Thailand launches three tear jerking videos | Samui Times
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Wacoal Thailand, the Thai division of the intimate apparel company Wacoal, has recently filmed and released three powerful short my beautiful woman Thailandfilms collectively entitled “My Beautiful Woman.” Each of these films are based on the true stories of women who went beyond the call of parenthood, love and community without the desire for any form of outward recognition. All three of the stories are emotionally powerful in their own respect and leave both incredible inspiration and several lasting messages for the viewer to take in.

The first video tells the story of a couple who have struggled to conceive a baby. Eventually they succeed only to discover the future mother has cancer and has to make a choice of having chemo therapy that might damage the child but cure her, or continue with her pregnancy with no treatment.

The second video tells the story of a young single mother who rises her daughter along. The clips show the loving bond mother and daughter share. When a friend asks the mother to tell the truth about her daughter, in order to stop people judging her, she discovers that the young lady fond the baby abandoned in a piece of luggage.

The third story is about a hard working lady who always arrives early at the office and leaves very late. She is a dynamic business woman whose attitude often upsets her colleagues. Nobody knows why this lady does not work on Fridays, many gossip that she is having an affair. When she does not turn up on a day other than Friday, and for several days after that, her boss goes out in search of her, and what he finds shocks him and the rest of the staff.

The company has asked viewers to share the videos on social media to bring a better understanding of women everywhere and to promote a society that does not judge others.

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