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List Of Businesses That Are Supposed To Re-open Tomorrow

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List Of Businesses That Are Supposed To Re-open Tomorrow | Samui Times
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The Government has announced which types of businesses will be allowed to re-open on Sunday as part of “Phase 2” of its 4-step plan, which begins to slowly unlock and re-open businesses closed across the country due to Covid-19.

Thailand appears to have had impressive success in managing the spread of the virus, with several weeks of single-digit average rises and several days, including yesterday, with no locally transmitted cases nationwide.

So, as promised, the government has declared that tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of closed companies, will be reopened this Sunday and millions will be back to work, many of which have been out of business for almost two months.

However, rules and regulations seem to be changing daily and although these businesses have been announced to be re-opening on Sunday, there is no guarantee that the will actually open tomorrow.

The companies listed below are what CCSA spokesperson Dr. Taweesilp Visanuyothin has announced that they will be able to reopen this Sunday.

The final order for this has not been published in the Royal Gazette, but it is expected at some point today.

The list may have modified prior to the final order. Moreover, provincial governors have the power to reinforce any limitations or regulations.

So let’s kick this off with the answering the question that so many people, particularly in the southern region of Thailand, wanted to know…

The beaches remain exclusively closed until the end of the month, at least.

And for the rest of the list…

  • Shopping malls, department stores and outlet malls are allowed to reopen but with strict regulations.
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  • Entertainment facilities in malls, such as bowling alleys, restaurants, amusement parks, karaokes, arcades and playgrounds, will remain closed for the time being.
  • Massage shops and spas will also be closed, whether in or out of the malls. The government has agreed not to go forward with a proposal to open foot massage shops only at this time so that all massage shops will remain closed until the next process. This includes hot baths, herbal steam baths and saunas.
  • Larger restaurants, like restaurants in malls, with the exception of strict sanitation and physical distance laws. Food courts in shopping malls, office buildings and department stores may also be reopened, but they too must abide by strict rules. At this time, no alcohol sales are allowed in restaurants of any kind.
  • Retail shops, wholesale outlets, etc. can be reopened. This includes office supplies stores, home decor stores, computer stores, furniture stores, building materials stores and all major markets, with adequate hygiene and physical distance specifications.
  • Some beauty clinics may be re-opened, particularly those with skin and laser work, but not those connected to the face at this time. Weight control centres, tattoos and jewellery stores, etc. must remain closed.
  • Some small gyms and pools can be re-opened, with strict regulations, and not for events or groups.
  • Museums, public libraries, flower and garden parks, and art galleries may be reopened but with Strict physical distancing.
  • Movies and video filming locations that involve a production team. The cap is 10 people onset and a total of 50 people in production and on location. Action movies or action scene displays must not be shot at this time.
  • Many small conference rooms in locations such as hotels can be re-opened, but there must be a limited number of people. No launch of training seminars, conference centres, etc.
  • As far as hotels are concerned, they fall under different rules and regulations and are not closed in every province. Hotels may be opened when they wish, although in a number of provinces previous orders advising all hotels to close still apply before an emergency decree is issued, wherever possible.
  • Almost all entertainment venues, such as bars, nightlife, clubs, karaoke, and the like, remain closed until further notice.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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