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Locals cry foul as farang climbs on sacred Samui landmark

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Locals cry foul as farang climbs on sacred Samui landmark | Samui Times
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Locals on Koh Samui are furious after a picture was posted on Facebook of a western man climbing up and sitting on the famous landmark of “Hin Ta”.

samui landmarkThe rock is a tourist attraction and is in the shape of a penis. It is part of a rocky area known as Hin Ta Hin Yai (Grandfather and Grandmother rocks). Hin Yai is a crevice that resembles a vagina, reported Sanook.

The rocks have a shrine near them and are considered a sacred place for people on Samui.

The westerner was pictured climbing to the top of the phallic rock and it was posted on the Ruam Phon Ton Mui page for the online world to see.

Jirasak Wannabuan of the local authority went with other officials to the area on Monday and found that a sign forbidding climbing had fallen into disrepair.

He has ordered that a new clear sign be made that makes it clear that this is a sacred area and that climbing on Hin Ta is not permitted. He said the fine is 5,000 baht for offenders.

Jan Amphorn, 63, who has been selling a famous brand of caramel at the site for 20 years said that it was wrong for tourists to climb at the site.

She said that it was an important and sacred area for the locals.

Most tourists visit the rocks and many buy souvenirs and caramel sweets at the site, she said.


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