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“Look before you leap!” – Thai media offers tips to drivers

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“Look before you leap!” – Thai media offers tips to drivers | Samui Times

For many Thai drivers getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is a leap into the unknown.

The media column “Ruu Korn Yiap” (literally ‘know before pressing’ but translated here as “Look Before You Leap”) is thus followed avidly by Thais wanting to know how on earth to drive.  In the column’s latest feature the public were given some handy tips on Daily News as to how to save money by lowering their gas bills. 

It was true, they conceded, that modern cars have a variety of economy features but the following little known tips could significantly add to savings. And they were all easy to accomplish. They were: Don’t press too hard on the accelerator. Drive according to the prevailing conditions.  Check you tire pressure. Close the windows and the sun roof. Lessen the weight carried in the car.  Change the engine oil regularly according to manufacturers’ specifications. Do all these and your gas bills will plummet, said Daily News.  

Thai Visa / Daily News

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