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The Lost Ring – a heart warming story from Koh Samui

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The Lost Ring – a heart warming story from Koh Samui | Samui Times
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Valentine’s Day is about love and commitment. What follows is a story of love and dedication that crosses the boundaries of distance and time.

The Lost Ring - a heart warming story from Koh Samui | News by Samui TimesTen years ago, a ring was lost in the waves. In December 2016 the ring was found.

It was December 2006, on a beach in Samui. A young family was playing together when the father’s wedding ring slipped off and was lost in the surf. Upon returning to the beach the next day, to search again, the family admitted defeat, and left Thailand ‘with great memories’ except for the loss of the treasured band.

Fast forward ten years, when a ring- engraved with a woman’s name- was found in the sand. The person, who found it, Ms. Oratai Khansamrit, decided she wanted to find the lady whose name is engraved in the ring- Mrs. Hill. She knew that whoever lost the ring must be missing it, as a wedding ring symbolizes eternal and deep love. Using Facebook and old paper records of visitors from all those years ago, Khun Oratai found the person whose name is inside the ring and endeavored to contact her.

However, Mrs. Hill did not believe it; she thought that the person trying to contact her was a hoax. Thankfully, after many patient attempts by Khun Oratai, she decided to open the message. Can you imagine the shock and wonder her and her husband felt when they opened the image to see his ring, tainted after ten years in the sand, shining up at them? Mr. Hill says it was ‘one of the most amazing things [he’s] ever experienced.’

Relieved, Khun Oratai went about arranging to reunite Mr. and Mrs. Hill and their second wedding band.

Khun Oratai is a long term employee at Centara Villas Samui; she has been a staff member at this hotel for over ten years. This is the hotel that Mr. and Mrs. Hill stayed at in December 2006. The dedication and commitment to returning the ring to its rightful owners is not something we can teach. Centara Hotels and Resorts believes that these traits are present in all our employees, and that they are willing to go the extra mile for you and your family, so that our properties can have an ‘extra-special place’ in your hearts, just as it does for Mr. and Mrs. Hill.





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