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Lost toddler now believed held as ransom by Nakhon Sri Thammarat drugs gang

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Lost toddler now believed held as ransom by Nakhon Sri Thammarat drugs gang | Samui Times
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A toddler originally thought to have wandered off into a forest is now believed to be held by a drug gang as ransom, reports Thaivisa News.

lost toddlerTiny Kwanrudee Phetsawan, one year nine months, went missing from her Nakhon Sri Thammarat home on March 18 leading to a frantic ten day search by police, relatives and villagers.

However, it is now believed that “Nong Praew” is in the hands of a drug gang. Investigations have convinced police that her parents, from the Lan Sakaa area, are involved in a multi million baht drug business.

They say it is now evident that Nong Praew was removed from the area as soon as she went missing and is being held elsewhere but is most likely safe. Her parents have proved evasive in the investigation with the little one’s grandparents saying that she has been taken to force the mother and father to pay millions to an agent in a drug matter.

Police say their number one priority is to make sure Nong Praew is safe and they do not want to spook the kidnapper or kidnappers into harming the child who they beieve to be safe. They are conducting a waiting game that they hope to be resolved soon with the safe return of the little girl.

The case has created huge interest. In the early hours of the investigation fortune tellers were brought in some of whom said that the child had wandered off into the forest. None of the fortune tellers predicted the latest turn of events in the case playing out in one of the most lawless provinces in the Kingdom.

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