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Love triangle sees two shot dead at Korat resort

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Love triangle sees two shot dead at Korat resort | Samui Times
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A husband told by police that his wife had been shot went to a resort Thursday to find her dead with a close friend.

love trianglePolice had earlier gone to the resort in the Dan Khun Thot area after reports of a shooting. In a room they found 54 year old Prachum (no surname given) a resident of Bangkok lying face down on the floor with a single gunshot wound to the head. On the bed facing the wall was a woman named only as Pranee, 37 also with one .38 wound to the head. A gun that had fired two shots was also found reported Daily News.

Both were dressed only in towels. A packet of condoms was found and one had been used.

Pranee’s husband was called and came to the scene. He told police that he and his wife were Phat Thai sellers at functions and had three children together. On Wednesday his wife said that she was going on a tour bus to Bangkok to buy some things but she had not returned. He tried to phone her but got no answer.

The next thing he knew was when police told him she was dead.

The husband told investigators that Prachum was a close friend who had split up from his own wife. The three had often drunk alcohol together at Prachum’s house.

Police understand that Prachum drove his pick-up to the resort with Pranee. They believe that a jealous argument broke out and that Prachum shot Pranee before turning the gun on himself.

Investigations continue.

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