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Lovin’ Lamai -Kasbah Marrakech – a taste of Moroccan gastronomy

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Lovin’ Lamai -Kasbah Marrakech – a taste of Moroccan gastronomy | Samui Times
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Benoit Meert, a head sommelier from the gourmet restaurants of Brussels, has a passion for Moroccan gastronomy which he invites you to share at his new venue in Lamai, the Kasbah Marrakech Restaurant and Lounge.

Kasbar 1Benoit, his attentive staff, Chef Abdel and the spice fragrances of Morocco extend a warm welcome as you make your way towards an incredible hand carved door behind which you will find a atmosphere full of Majorelle blue that transports you to the tastes, aromas and atmosphere of North Africa.

Moroccan cuisine has long been considered one of the most diversified cuisines in the world, a result of century’s long interaction of Morocco and the outside world. While spices have been imported into Morocco for thousands of years, ingredients such as mint, olives, oranges, lemons of saffron can be found growing on its shores.

Chicken is a popular protein in Morocco and probably the most commonly eaten meat along with beef and lamb, most people are familiar with couscous and the Tagine a dish named after the earthenware pot in which it is cooked.

The Kasbah Marrakech is the perfect place to explore the exciting dishes of Morocco, for those familiar with Moroccan cuisine the familiar tastes and smells of North African spices will certainly whet your appetite for those not so familiar, this exciting restaurant is the perfect starting block from which to start your culinary adventure.

Kasbar 5The menu at Kasbah Marrakech is bursting with reasonably priced dishes and starts with a Degustatoin menu. The Mezze plate, which is idea for sharing with friends offers a selection of oriental salad and dips with creamy hummus, Babaghanoush a dish of cooked eggplant mixed with onions and tomatoes, olive oil and various seasonings, Zaalouk heady combination of eggplant, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and spices and Chekchouka a dish created with eggs, chili peppers and onions spiced with cumin. The Fish Tagine M’Chermel is created with local fish and a stunning Moroccan Chermoula sauce created from a mixture of herbs, oil, lemon juice, pickled lemons, garlic cumin and salt along with fresh vegetables that are busting with flavor. Royal Couscous, steamed semolina with a stunning selection of beautifully spiced meats whose flavors are both rich and subtle along with skewers and mechoui can also be found on the degustation menu along with a fabulously indulgent dessert platter of homemade almond based pastries served with a scoop of mint tea sherbet.

The journey through the main menu starts with Harira soup, a traditional Moroccan soup based of tomato, dried vegetables and beans. Chakchouka and the Mezze plate are also on the main menu along with a tempting array of salads. A Moroccan salad with fresh tomato, olives, mixed vegetables and olive oil dressing, a stunning Tabouleh Salad with mixed vegetables and bulgur, and a tantalizing Salad Merguez with mixed greens, lemon dressing and deliciously spiced lamb sausage.

Kasbar 4If you are fan of traditional Moroccan Pastillas then you have two choices, a rich and flavorsome Moroccan sweet chicken pie with a distinctly oriental flavor or the mixed spiced seafood pastille with glass noodles and Moroccan spices topped with cheese. These dishes offer an intriguing combination of savory and sweet in light, delicate homemade pastry.

Any discerning carnivore would find it incredibly hard not to enjoy the Chicken safran skewers of oriental, saffron flavored chicken breast or indeed the ras alhanout flavored beef skewers both of which are served with a choice of oriental rice, Tabouleh salad mixed greens or pita bread.

Of course Couscous figures big on the menu. The well balanced vegetarian couscous comes with seven kinds of vegetables, spices and butter flavored with vegetable broth. Couscous Merguez delivers incredible grilled lamb spiced sausage that is served with semolina and vegetable broth, the fish couscous brings a whole spiced steamed snapper served with semolina and Harissa sauce. Couscous Brochettes offers chicken, beef and lamb skewers with steamed semolina and vegetable broth and lamb lovers could not fail to be impressed by the Couscous Mechoui a rich and indulgent dish of oven baked lamb shoulder with steamed semolina and vegetable broth. If you are feeling really indulgent then the Couscous Royal with lamb, chicken and beef is the dish or royalty in this section.

So let’s talk Tagine a dish that burst with aroma the second you lift the lid. Chose from chicken with preserved lemon and pitted green olives, Fish with Chermoula sauce and vegetables, or slow cooked lamb with caramelized prune, apricots and toasted walnut.

If one of your party would prefer to indulge in a tastes of the west then they will be pleased to find a French Rib Steak for two and a Fondue Bourguignonne for two on the menu.

Kasbar 3With more than generous portions perhaps not everybody will remember to leave space for dessert but for those who cleverly allowed for something sweet the Muhallabia Lebanese rice pudding with rose water flavor, dried fruit and nuts is an excellent choice as is the oriental platter desserts, honey and nuts. A stunning mixed fruit platter and ice cream can also be found on the dessert menu.

The Kasbah Marrakech has wine list that has well selected wines that pair perfectly with the Moroccan dishes. To complete the scene the fabulously well trained and attentive staff are dressed in traditional Moroccan outfits including a delightful man named Bruno in a Fez who is ready to greet you at the entrance before providing some fabulous entertainment later on in the evening when he busts out a couple of show stopping tunes that show off his incredible vocal talent, and in both English and French!

What is really fabulous about the Kasbah Marrakech is the open kitchen which is framed by a stunning wooden carving beyond which you can watch in wonder as the talented chefs prepare each dish.

Kasbah Marrakech can be found on the first side road as you pass the Weekender resort heading towards McDonalds on the main drag in Lamai.

For more information you can visit the website by clicking here or the Facebook page by clicking here.

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