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Lovin’ Lamai – Menu 2 U

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Lovin’ Lamai – Menu 2 U | Samui Times
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Most of us pick our favorite restaurants because we love what we find on the menu, but what if you were not limited to the menu and there was a restaurant where you could order anything that you fancied. How good would it be to know that the owner/ chef would go out and buy menu 2 u shot 1just what you want to eat fresh off the market? Even better, what if then, you had the option of watching your dish being brought to life right in front of your very eyes in a venue with a live cooking station? Well if this sounds like something you might enjoy you need to know about a superb dining venue in Lamai run by a young woman who is passionate about cooking and whose dishes would not look out of place in a five star restaurant, but, she is charging a tenth of the price. This fabulous dining opportunity can be found at a new restaurant in Lamai called Menu 2 U.

Menu 2 U is just across the road from the water park Coco Splash. The restaurant has an informal atmosphere and owner Kate and her father welcome diners from across the globe. Decorated with all sorts of artifacts, an aquarium and of course the live cooking station, Menu 2 U is more than just a dining experience. It gives you the opportunity to feel part of a Thai family who have prided themselves on cooking good food for generations, it gives new comers to Thai food the opportunity to try different dishes that they can marvel at while they are being cooked and it gives those who enjoy western cuisine and dishes with fresh lamb, steak and lobster the opportunity to enjoy world class cuisine.

menu 2 u shot 2

Phad Thai Talay – Fried traditional Thai noodle in tamarind sauce with seafoods

Menu 2 U has a nice menu if you feel like calling in off the hoof, at it opens at 10am the menu starts with omelet’s and poached eggs, continental or American breakfast for lovers of western food and rice soup for those who prefer a taste of Thailand. Light dishes that are ideal for lunch include Chicken and onion soup, green salads with tuna or chicken, chicken and cheese or club sandwiches and what better way to wash it all down than with fresh refill coffee.

When it comes to main dishes and evening meals, well the sky is the limit. Kate only keeps the freshest of ingredients and everything is homemade, you just need to let her know what you would like and she will lovingly create your favorite dishes. If you would like to indulge in Italian, lobsters, steaks, lamb or anything else you can think of you only need let her know the day before and she will create your favorite menu, and what is even better is that Kate also conducts cooking courses, so if you are only in Samui for a short while she can teach you how to recreate your perfect dish so you can cook it once you are back home. One thing you will not find on the menu here is MSG, Kate does not believe in using this ingredient that is so often found in Thai food but has serious health risks. If you fancy being a little more adventurous Kate is also a master at preparing food from the Issan region of Thailand that you won’t find on other menus.

As well as pouring passion and love into her dishes Kate also loves her guests and greats them all with a huge smile and a hug and very soon gets to know their tastes, and preference for spiciness and knows exactly how to please, little wonder she has already got a good regular client base.

menu 2 u shot 4

Khao Phad Poo – Fried rice with crab

When we went to see Kate we asked her to surprise us with some dishes that she has chosen. We sat in fascination while she effortlessly created the most beautiful, fresh and flavorsome curried crab that was a delight to the senses. Next up was fabulous dish of deep fried snapper with a salsa of shallots, ginger, lime, chili and mint that created a taste explosion with its complex combination of flavors that danced perfectly together on our tongues. Zesty, tangy, lively and perfectly balanced I think this is one dish to which you could easily become addicted.

Menu 2 U as well as being a really different, delicious and entertaining place to eat is also a superb location for a private party, Kate can cater for any number of guests with any number of tastes and knows how to please vegans, vegetarians and those with special dietary needs. What could be better than enjoying a special celebration with tailor made dishes that you can watch being cooked and even have a hand in cooking yourself if you fancy it.

Menu 2 U is firmly on our list of favorite restaurants, the smells of Kate’s cooking pervade the room but with high ceilings and open sides it is never overwhelming, the fridge is full of cold drinks, the room is full of the freshest of ingredients and Kate’s fabulous personality and different approach to dining makes this restaurant unique and a thoroughly enjoyable dining experience.

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