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Lovin Lamai – Valentine Stone view point and the new Makro site

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Lovin Lamai – Valentine Stone view point and the new Makro site | Samui Times
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A trip to the Valentine Stone and Lamai view point is a very pleasant experience. For just 30 baht entrance fee you can enjoy some chill out time on the attractive terrace around the large Valentine stone only a few yards from the entrance and of course the rather quaint waterfall next to it. The history of the stone is unknown, but from certain angles it does look a bit like a heart, and local legend has it that once couples touch the stone their love will last for eternity, or so they say!

SAM_2673If you are feeling energetic then a ten minute hike up the hill, though virgin rain forest, will take you to Lamai view point. The track is pretty easy to navigate and meanders around large boulders and trees and although steep in places, just about anybody with any level of fitness can reach the top. There are plenty of places you can stop and take a breath, however be prepared to clamber over a coconut tree that has fallen onto the path, and watch out for slippery wet leaves on the way down, even though they path is non slip.

Once at the top you can exchange your entrance voucher for a nice cold bottle of water and marvel at the rather spectacular views from a large terrace and more recently the building site of the new Makro that is rumored to be open by Christmas.

Although the building site is well witLamai Makrohin view it has not really blotted the landscape and the views are still more than worth the short hike up the hill and if you fancy getting a bit closer to the views you can always enjoy the zip cable ride through the trees from the top.

If the walk to the top has sharpened your appetite then the restaurant at the entrance to the park is well worth a visit and another local attraction Hin Tai and Hin Yai rocks, known locally as the Grandfather and Grandmother rocks, are only a few hundred yards away on the opposite side of the road.



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