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Maipenrai MC – bikers who raise money for charity’s 10th anniversary event

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Maipenrai MC – bikers who raise money for charity’s 10th anniversary event | Samui Times
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Maipenrai MC started in 2003 under the name of Nordic Riders. When the club decided it was time for a new logo and a new name on 06.02.2004the Maipenrai was born and the logo and name has remained the same to this day.

Many of those involved in the club are members of bike clubs in Norway, some are members of the Renegade MC in Pattaya and some have never previously been involved in bikers clubs.maipenrai
The mother chapters of Maipenrai MC is in Pattaya, and as well as Samui there is another chapter in Chiang Mai. The club is still expanding and all of those involved have a common love of bikes, parties and everything that the biking lifestyle provides.

The Maipenrai MC has a fair minded law and see’s all of its members as equal. The word Maipenrai means “it doesn’t matter”, or ‘it’s not a problem” and that is why the group selected the name, that represents a group of easy going people who simply want to enjoy life.

maipenrai 1On Friday the 7th to Sunday the 9th of February 2014 the group will be enjoying its 10th anniversary party at the Lamai Buddy Oriental Samui Beach Resort however this party is not just about having fun, it is about raising money for charity.

In January this year the Fun in the Sun rally attracted bikers from Thailand, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Australia, Malaysia and Denmark. After the event the Fun in the Sun Motorcycle Charity presented 60,120 baht and 8 computers to the Wat Lamai School.

You can find out more about Maipenrai and the amazing charity events they have hosted by visiting their website, just click HERE

Or check out their Facebook page by clicking HERE

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