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Major result for Thai police – arrest of the Philippines’ “most wanted” fugitive

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Major result for Thai police – arrest of the Philippines’ “most wanted” fugitive | Samui Times
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Thai police have arrested a man described as the most wanted fugitive in the Philippines. The man was hiding in Thailand teaching English.

Thai police catch fugativePatrick Alemania, 41, was wanted for a well known kidnap case that happened in the Philippines in 2004, reported tnamcot. He was the head of a gang that kidnapped a businessman who was the owner of the country’s largest supplier of pet food. The kidnapped man escaped but five other gang members were arrested and given life sentences.

Alemania escaped and now has been found living and working in the Rom Klao area of Bangkok in the area of the Suvarnabhumi airport. He was working as an English teacher at a language institute and was also employed as a singer.

He told police that he chose Thailand because Thais and Filipinos look similar and he would blend in. He was grassed up by a fellow countryman.

The arrest was a joint operation by Thai police working with international counterparts, Rom Klao officers and tourist and immigration authorities.

In a video conference call Wednesday the Filipino authorities contacted the deputy national police chief Wuthi Liptapanlop to thank the Thai poliuce for capturing their most wanted fugitive.

Alemania’s visa has been cancelled and the Philippine Embassy has cancelled his passport as he is prepared for deportation to his homeland.

He will be the first person deported from Thailand to the Philippines since the election of new president Rodrigo Duterte who is known as “the punisher”.

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