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Majority support death penalty: Super Poll

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Majority support death penalty: Super Poll | Samui Times
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A large majority of Thai people support the death penalty under the Criminal Code, according to the result of an opinion survey by Super Poll, a pollster of a foundation for happiness and leadership research.

Majority support death penalty: Super Poll | News by Samui TimesThe poll was conducted on 1,123 people in various fields of occupations between June 19-22 to compile their opinions on their knowledge of the constitution and democracy, and the death penalty.

On the death penalty on people who commit murders with cruelty, a huge majority, 93.4%, said they agree with the death penalty while 6.6% disagree.

A majority, or 90.2%, also agree with the director general of the Corrections Department for carrying out a recent execution by lethal injection, while only 9.8% disagree.

Asked about their knowledge of the constitution, 50.6% said they do not know what the constitution is; 10.5% know only that it is the country’s supreme law; and, only 38.9% understand that the constitution concerns democracy, rules and regulations.

A majority, 68.3%, of the respondents said they never read the constitution while 31.% said they used to read it.

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