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Make your vehicle stand out from the crowd with a custom paint job form Bright Knight Customs

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Make your vehicle stand out from the crowd with a custom paint job form Bright Knight Customs | Samui Times
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Want your car or truck to stand out? Need to freshen up some bits on your ride? Or want to get a rental ready for the high season?

BKC 1Bright Knight Customs, Koh Samui’s premier custom paint and design shop has what you need.

A popular choice for many people that want that “little extra” for their ride is Hydrographics, otherwise known as Hydro dipping or water transfer printing, on the accent pieces of their cars and trucks.

Here is an example of Carbon fiber Hydro dip on a front grill for a Toyota Fortuner. This adds a bit of class to your car. This service is also available for other accent pieces such as mirror housings, rain guards, door handles bezels, dash panels and other interior pieces and even your wheels!

BKC2As always Bright Knight Customs has different styles available if Carbon fiber is not your thing, they can do these in a range of designs such as wood grain, a popular choice for interior pieces, skulls, flames, and other eye catching patterns! They even do a glow in the dark option for certain patterns and of course can use this technique on bikes, helmets and just about anything that can be painted.

What is Hydro dipping you ask? And how long does it last? Hydro dipping is a method that allows a pattern of your choice to be applied on your on your 3D object by skilled technicians. Your piece is first properly prepared, a base color coat of paint of your choice is applied and then your piece is “dipped” into your desired pattern, in this case Carbon fiber pattern. Finally your piece is protected with 3 coats of a quality, UV protecting clear coat, ensuring your piece will stand the test of time. Unlike stickers or wraps, Hydro dipping can cover complex pieces seamlessly and BKC3does not peal or lift off as wraps and decals do.

They are the only shop on Koh Samui that offers this service and all work is closely observed by one of the two Expat owners and checked for quality control.

So how much will this cost?

Well as every project is unique to the size, shape, condition of the piece and level of difficulty, it can be difficult to assign standard prices. Most jobs will require either an email quote with a picture attached, or even better visit the shop in person.

However the featured picture here is a 2 piece front grill assembly from a Toyota Fortuner and the total cost of this job was 4500 Baht. Other pieces that are BKC4less complicated to Hydro dip, such as rain guards that have smoother surfaces, start at 2000 Baht for a 2 piece set, 3500 for a 4 piece set. Petrol door covers start at 800 baht. Mirror housings and other parts will require a quote.

Speak to Dan about a package deal for all your accent pieces.

For popular model small bikes, Bright Knight Customs have parts in stock and can do a parts exchange program. Chose your preferred style from in stock parts or sets, they will paint and design them to order and when they are finished you can bring your vehicle in and upgrade to your new custom look. This minimizes the amount of time you are without your bike, know as their one day custom paint service, it’s a popular choice for customers that do not want to lose their bikes during production time or prefer to have their new custom parts shipped to them outside of Koh Samui.

For more information click here to visit the Bright Knights Custom Facebook page

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