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Malaysia arrests eight suspects helping to smuggle bomb suspects to Malaysia

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Malaysia arrests eight suspects helping to smuggle bomb suspects to Malaysia | Samui Times
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Malaysian police have arrested eight suspects they believed help to smuggle Bangkok bomb suspects into the country. Some of these suspects might have connection with the deadly bomb explosion in Bangkok that killed 20 people and injured 120 others on August 17.

Malaysia arrest 8 in bombingAccording to Channel News Asia website today, the eight suspects arrested so far included four Malaysians.

They were arrested in suspicion of helping smuggle the bomb suspects leave Thailand after the August deadly bomb blast.

Channel News Asia reported today that Malaysian police announced thus morning that they have arrested eight people so far, some believed to be Uighurs, who they suspect have links to Aug 17’s grenade blasts in Bangkok.

In the press conference in Kuala Lumpur, Deputy Inspector General of Police Noor Rashid Ibrahim told media of the eight, four were Malaysians suspected of bringing in foreign nationals from Thailand who were possibly connected to blasts into the country.

The eight includes two Malaysians and one Pakistani arrested earlier in September. “So far we have arrested eight people,” said Mr Noor Rashid.

“Four of them are foreign nationals, and the locals who were arrested were involved in ‘human trafficking’ brought these foreign nationals from Thailand into the country.”

He added: “Four of the eight are foreigners – I believe Uighurs – and they have been detained, but we haven’t been able to verify if they’re linked to the events in Thailand, as there hasn’t been any confession.

“So we’re detaining them and Thai authorities also know about the arrests to help them further their investigations.” Mr Noor Rashid said so far there was “no concrete evidence” to show the suspects’ direct involvement with the Bangkok blast.

Police say they are working closely with the Thai police on investigations. Channel NewsAsia understands Thai and Malaysian police met on Tuesday to discuss the investigation.

The Aug 17 blast in Bangkok ripped through a Hindu shrine near the busy Ratchaprasong intersection, killing 20 people and wounding more than 100. Fourteen foreigners were among those killed.

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