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Malaysian skimming gang arrested at border

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Malaysian skimming gang arrested at border | Samui Times
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Four Malaysians were apprehended by police while they were using cloning cards to withdraw cash from several ATMs at a commercial centre in Sadao district of Songkhla province today.

malaysian skimming gangThe arrest came after the police were alerted of a card skimming gang was withdrawing cash from ATMs of several commercial banks in Hat Yai and Sadao at the weekend.

Foot patrols were stepped up and five Malaysians were seen withdrawing cash from an ATM in front of Oscar Palace hotel in the Oliver Plaza shopping centre on Kanchanavanich road in Sadao district.

They were seen using several cloning cards to withdraw cash while also assigned one gang member to act as a lookout to watch for police.

They later returned to a hotel room they rented not aware of being tracked by plainclothes police.

After they entered the room, arrest was then ordered.

Four members, two are women, were arrested in the room and 20 skimming cards were seized.

They were identified as Fan Xian Lung, 32, Check Malian, 29, Ms Lim Giashing, 22, and Ms Yong Pui Yi, 21.

Another collaborator identified as Jamaldadin bin Subo, 55, was arrested later. He was said to be a person who facilitated the gang members to return safely across the border. He was paid 2,000 baht for facilitating the return.

The gang members said they used skimming cards to withdraw and transfer to their accounts in Malaysia.

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