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Man caught taking drugs inside a Bangkok police booth didn’t give a crap

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Man caught taking drugs inside a Bangkok police booth didn’t give a crap
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You might think taking drugs inside a police booth toilet was a loo-dicrous idea. But a Thai man in the Tung Kru district in Bangkok didn’t give a crap and just rolled with it.

A video of the man taking drugs in the police toilet went viral on Thai social media. It was posted on a local Facebook news page called อยากดังเดี๋ยวจัดให้ รีเทริน์ part 3, or Let Me Know If You Want to Be Famous Return Part 2, today.

The video caption said…

“Are you trying to dare the police? Take drugs in a police station’s toilet. The police arrested him several times and released him. It went into a cycle, arresting, releasing, and taking drugs again. Can anyone solve this?

The video shows the man sitting on the toilet floor with a drug kit in his hands. The person recording the video and people outside ordered him to leave but he refused. So, people splashed water on him to force him out and took him to the police station. 

Most of the comments under the post said, “The most dangerous place can be the safest.”

The media interviewed the man who took the video, 38 year old Noppadon Anaketham, a volunteer for the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office. He said the incident happened on Sunday, August 7.

Noppadon said he was on emergency standby and went to use the toilet but when he arrived, he found someone inside. He thought it was weird because it was 2am. He returned a few minutes later and found it was still occupied. But Noppadon opened the door to discover a man taking drugs so decided to record him as evidence.

The Superintendent of the Tung Kru Police Station, Ananchai Kamonrat, said the police booth belonged to the Tung Kru Police Station, and added that the toilet would be closed to the public from now to avoid any similar scenarios in the future.

The drug addict was reported to be a homeless man who the locals in the area called Sniper. He is generally seen wandering the streets of Ratburana and Tung Kru Districts for a long time.

There were no reports on whether the drug addict was arrested or offered any drug treatment help.

SOURCE: Channel 3 | Channel 8 | Khaosod


Courtesy ofThaiger News

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