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Man collapses, dies at Phuket ‘love hotel’

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Man collapses, dies at Phuket ‘love hotel’ | Samui Times
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Police believe that an asthma attack killed a man who collapsed and died at a hotel in Chalong just before he was to join a woman he met at a local karaoke bar on the hotel bed.

love hotel deathCalled to Chalong Inn in Soi Hayak, near Chalong Circle at 2:30am yesterday (Feb 22), police and rescue workers were led to the body of 46-year-old Anurak Chimmee, lying halfway through an outside doorway near the hotel office.

Hotel staffer Min Min Thun told police that he found Mr Anurak collapsed on the floor by the door and convulsing and breathing heavily, and rushed to help him.

“We found an asthma inhaler by the victim’s feet, but there were no signs of assault on the body,” said Maj Thada Sodarat of the Chalong Police.

The woman told police that after checking into the room, which featured a bed with a circular mattress on a podium and mirrors on the walls, Mr Anurak had a shower then stepped outside with his inhaler, while she waited on the bed.

“She said that he came out and walked out of the room without anything unusual happening,” Maj Thada said. “The next thing she knew the hotel staff alerted her that Mr Anurak had fallen unconscious on the floor near the office.

“At this stage we believe that the victim suffered from a medical condition, but we will wait for doctors to confirm the cause of death before we conclude our investigation,” said Maj Thada.

Mr Anurak’s body was taken to Vachira Phuket Hospital for further examination.

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