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Man didn’t die from police beating, says Bangkok police chief

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Man didn’t die from police beating, says Bangkok police chief | Samui Times
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The chief of Bangkok’s police has said that injuries sustained by a man in a gambling raid on Wednesday were not enough to kill him.

But doctors have said that Don Daengjantip, 34, was covered in bruises caused by a blunt object.

death_in_police-custody_thailandNow the family want justice – the deceased’s father who picked up his son’s corpse yesterday said they would take action against the force, reports Daily News.

Chief Sanit Mahathavorn was speaking at metropolitan HQ yesterday following Don’s death in front of a house in Soi Rung Reuang, Huay Kwang around ten pm on Wednesday evening.

He had been playing Hi-Lo and drinking with friends when a patrol arrived.

Sanit said that he had set up a committee to get to the truth of the matter but it was his opinion that the injuries of the dead man were superficial and did not result in his death. If it can be shown that he died from heart failure then police would be in the clear, he said.

If he died from other injuries there could indeed be a prosecution, he conceded.

Dr Pornchai Suthirakhun said that bruises were found all over the dead man’s body and were caused by trauma from a blunt object though he could not say what exactly. The dead man had no medical records that were available.

Met spokesman Kritsana Patanacharoen also commented that in his opinion there was no excessive force used in the arrest though he couldn’t say how the bruising had occurred either.

The dead man’s father Khamna Daengjantip and relatives are more sure of how Don met his death, however. As Khamna arrived at the hospital to take his son’s corpse for a funeral in Mae Sot in the north west, he vowed that the family intend to take action against the police.

“All they were doing was having a drink and playing some Hi-Lo,” he lamented.

When the story broke yesterday Suthisarn police who handled the matter were initially unprepared to admit that their force had even been on the scene.

At least now the force have accepted that their own patrol was there.

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