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Man dies from electric shock while fishing in Phuket

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Man dies from electric shock while fishing in Phuket | Samui Times
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A man was killed yesterday (November 18) at Jungle Bungee Jump in Kathu after taking cables with him to go fishing, but ended up killing himself instead.

death by fishing poleAt 8.45am, Thungthong police and others arrived at the scene and found the victim, Suchart Chanaprasert, 36, from Nakorn Sri Thammarat, floating in the pond face up.

He was found with a small lamp (head light) on his head and in his left hand was the 300 metre long electrical wire he had used to try and electrocute the fish. There was a large burn on his hand from where he was electrocuted.

Police said the victim had been dead for no longer than five hours. His body was retrieved out of the pond by relatives, before being sent to Vachira Hospital for further tests.

After questioning the victim’s relatives, police learned that Suchart had trespassed into the area to go fishing and plugged the wire into the electrical outlet in the facility before heading to the pond to fish.

Police said, “It appears that the wire had leaked through the insulation on the cable which caused the electric shock.”

The victim either fell into the pond by mistake or simply forgot to turn off the electricity before going inside the pond to collect the fish he had killed.

The victim’s family went looking for him after noticing that he had never come home.

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