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Man Dies After Shooting Himself In Testicles

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Man Dies After Shooting Himself In Testicles | Samui Times
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A gambler in Prachinburi province died after accidentally discharging his handgun into his testicles, police said.

According to the police, officers received reports of the incident at around 02.00 on 7 April. The police later arrived at a residence in Hua Wah subdistrict to find the dead body of Mr. Kittisak Krusorn, 27, on his front porch, with pool of blood trailing from his bedroom where police found one handgun and one bullet case.

dead manThe police also found and confiscated a set of instruments for “Hi-Lo” gambling.

Mr. Kittisak’s tesicles were punctured by the bullet, police added.

Mr. Kittisak’s relatives told police he was hosting a round of “Hi-Lo” with his friends in a funeral at a local temple. Shortly after Mr. Kittisak returned to his bedroom, his relatives said, there was a loud gunshot and Mr. Kittisak later crawled out to front porch, crying for help. However, the man died before any help could arrive.

Police suspect that Mr. Kittisak might have accidentally fired his weapon as he took the handgun out from the holster on the front of his belt.


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