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Man executed in front of wife in “murder capital” of Thailand. But she is saying nothing

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Man executed in front of wife in “murder capital” of Thailand. But she is saying nothing | Samui Times
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A leading southern businessman was brutally executed in front of his wife in their living room Tuesday.

The gunman – who police suspect is a close relative of the wife – emptied a gun into the face and body of Somsak Sangkhapan shooting him multiple times.

The grisly attack happened at the large two storey mansion in Cha-uat district of Nakorn Sri Thammarat, known as the murder capital of Thailand.

Somsak, the owner of a large company that rents furniture and marquees had been doing business in the local market. He returned home and asked his wife Suporn ,50, to make him a coffee before he sat down to watch TV. It was his last drink.

A gunman emerged from the shadows in a corner of the house and shot him five times in the head and nine times in the chest in full view of his wife who cried out and promptly fainted.

The assailant escaped. Police were called and found Somsak riddled with bullets lying in a pool of blood. Meanwhile, Suporn had been taken to Cha-uat hospital before investigators arrived.

Police said that they believed the victim had been shot once in the head, then turned over and finished off, to make sure he was dead. They suspect that a long running dispute over money involving the wife’s side of the family was behind the execution.

After investigators were told that the wife had regained consciousness they went to the hospital where relatives said Suporn was unable to give evidence. They returned later in the day and she refused to speak in person.

Detectives are working on the assumption that she knows the identity of the gunman who they suspect is a close family member. Meanwhile, they are working on other leads and seeking search warrants from the local court to swiftly find the perpetrator.

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