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Man jumps off Seatran ferry from Samui to Donsak

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Man jumps off Seatran ferry from Samui to Donsak | Samui Times
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This afternoon, (12th July) at 12.30 police in Donsak were notified that somebody had jumped from the Seatran car ferry that travels between Nathon Koh Samui and Donsak. The ship was about 4 nautical miles away from Donsak where it was preparing to dock when Mr. Bush age 20, man jumped of seatran ferrywho was travelling with his 46 year old mother Wan Supaokit and other relatives suddenly rushed out of the cabin and hurled himself into the water. His mother rushed after him but was unable to grab him in time to stop him going overboard.

Passengers and crew immediately came to the aid of the boy by throwing a life vest over board but the boy was unable to reach it in the waves and his relatives, passengers and crew quickly lost eye contact with him.

It has been reported that the boy worked as a laborer in Samui and suffered from stress and neurotic outbursts and had previously made an attempt on his own life by taking an overdose but was saved by doctors when he was rushed to hospital. The boy’s mother said she was aware that during the boat trip her son was suffering from anxiety attacks and she had done her best to console him, but she was taken off guard when he ran and jumped into the sea and drowned before her eyes.

A search and rescue team was taken to the scene however his body was no recovered and the search has now been called off.

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