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Man Of Steel Review

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Man Of Steel Review | Samui Times
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Superman fans rejoice, for the Man of Steel is back and he’s better than ever.

I went into the latest iteration of Superman with very high expectations. I think those expectations were justified when one considers the quality of the individuals involved in the making of Man of Steel. Zack Snyder(of 300 fame) sits in the director’s chair and Christopher Nolan(of Inception and the Dark Knight Trilogy fame) produces. Combine the style of these two, the extremely beautiful visions that Snyder always creates and the gritty dark and deep side of story telling that Nolan always brings to the table and then you add the incredibly well selected cast as well as a truly interesting and fascinating story written by David. S. Goyer(The Dark Knight Trilogy) and what you are left with is quite simply put, one of the best movies of the year so far.

Be aware though, Man of Steel is not simply another superhero movie. Man of Steel is first and foremost a science fiction masterpiece that is perfectly intertwined with the myth of Superman.

The movie is refreshing introduction into the history of Clark Kent/Kal-El (Henry Cavill), showing us where he came from and what has made him become the man that he now is. A man who has had to bare a terrible burden and an amazing gift since his youngest years. A man who has suffered great loss and prevented many others from suffering the same. Henry Cavill is to my mind, the very best Superman thus far and Amy Adams as Lois Lane also does an absolutely splendid job of being the feisty, committed reporter who would do almost anything to get the story. Blending perfectly the dark emotional side of Kal-El with the troubled but hopeful human side of Clark Kent. The casting in Man of Steel is seriously top notch. Not a single character is misplaced or misplayed. Everyone clicks very well on screen, but personally Russell Crowe as Jor-El(Kal-El’s father) and Kevin Costner as Jonothan Kent(Clarke Kent’s father) simply steel the show whenever they appear on screen. Michael Shannon also puts in a sterling effort as General Zod, whom it is actually easy to sympathize with as he is clearly not purely and evil person, but simply one who is completely committed to his kind.

Man of Steel is a very, very beautiful movie and everything from the opening scene is so perfectly crafted that I constantly found myself whispering “wow this is gorgeous” to myself. Krypton and its unique technologies is interesting and fantastically brought to life. Metropolis is a beautiful living city. The costumes are stunning and it was very interesting actually getting a back story about Kal-El’s famous blue tights and the Superman symbol we have all come to love.

For the first time in a Superman movie, flying has been done right. From the beginning when Clark is still learning how to control it to the end where flight is used as an amazing weapon. There is also scene of Super’s flying around earth that will simply take your breath away. Another thing that is done very right, is the fighting. The fighting scenes feel real and visceral and every punch, hit, kick and throw(through about 15 buildings) feels real and most importantly feels super human.

Seeing as Man of Steel has already recorded the biggest opening Thursday of any superhero movie in history, even beating Marvel’s The Avengers , it is not unrealistic to think that Zack Snyder’s amazing take on the story of Superman will end up near the top of the box office top ten list. Wherever it does end, it deserves every bit of credit it receives.

Man of Steel is without a doubt my favorite movie of the year so far and also my favorite movie since the Avengers. Coming into the season Pacific Rim was always the movie for me with the greatest promise, but Guillermo Del Toro is going to have to deliver something truly magnificent if he wants to shift Man of Steel down to number 2 for the year.

Man of Steel earns a very impressive 9/10.



Man Steel is now showing at Major Cineplex Koh Samui



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