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Man Pleads for Electricity After 3 Decades of Waiting

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Man Pleads for Electricity After 3 Decades of Waiting | Samui Times
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Electricity is common all over the world, but one man in Nong Mamong has been waiting for electricity for over 30 years. Payup Rungruang is 73 years old and lives in a small village in the Nong Mamong district.

Living in Ban Nong Kanark, the farmer lives with his kids and four grandchildren. Payup states that he has been without electricity for over 3 decades. He states that he has been waiting for electric to be supplied to his home, but he has not had any success with getting authorities to finally supply power to his home.

Payup grew tired of waiting and contacted local media outlets to help. Instead of the normal flick of a switch that supplies lighting in a room, he and his family have been using oil lamps to supply lighting. Payup grew tired of waiting over the fear that his grandchildren’s studies would suffer as a result of having no electricity.

Over the years, he has contacted local electricity officials to no avail. But all this changed last year when the Nong Mamong district chief, Jerdsak Nin-ubol, conducted a survey of the region. Authorities were ordered to expand power supply coverage to his village and home.

An immediate solution was provided last August when a solar powered generator was supplied to Payup and his family. Unfortunately, the generator has stopped working, leaving him and his family to once again rely on oil lamps for lighting.

Appeals have been made to expedite the electricity expansion as a result.

Payup hopes that his pleas will be heard. Local authorities have stated that they are instructed to expand their services to Ban Nong Kanark, and that work is already ongoing. However, the authorities have not stated how long it will be before Payup and his family will be able to enjoy the luxury of electricity.

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