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Man slaughters his wife then kills himself in Bangkok cram school

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Man slaughters his wife then kills himself in Bangkok cram school | Samui Times
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A man stabbed his wife to death in a cram school then killed himself to escape the consequences.

murder-sucide-thailandThe wife was a cleaner in the school and her husband went there to talk with her, reported Daily News.

He was out on bail after he had attacked her in March causing 100 stitches. On Tuesday night he finished what he started.

The couple were due to discuss compensation arising from the original attack next week.

A security guard called police to the cram school in the Nimit Mai area of Minburi. He had found the couple lying side by side in a bloodbath in a classroom on the third floor of the shop house.

Amporn Prathumma, 44, was face up and dead from neck wounds. Next to her was her husband Chanasin Prathumma, 49, also with a neck wound. A one foot long kitchen knife was next to his body. There was signs of a struggle and bloody footprints all around the classroom.

The area security guard Saeng-uthai Chonthep said that he saw both the man and the woman enter the school on Tuesday evening. Later on he found the lights still on and the school not locked up so he went to investigate.

When he got no answer to his calls he went up to the third floor and found the grisly scene.

The female victim’s elder sister Natsaran Parpamai, 45, said that the couple had been married 20 years but the man drunk a lot and they argued frequently. She told police that about March he had attacked her causing 100 stitches to be administered.

Her sister moved out because she was scared of him. But he was bailed by the court. They were due to attend a compensation hearing together on September 22nd.

Police surmised that the husband had tried to make up with his wife and on being rejected attacked her before killing himself.

The owner of the school said that they had a regular cleaner but she was absent on some family business so they had hired Amporn temporarily. He had never seen the husband at the school before.

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