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Man stomps lover to death after not getting his drinks

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Man stomps lover to death after not getting his drinks | Samui Times
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Police are tracking down a 79-year-old man on suspicion of killing his 43-year-old lover in a rage.
Roi Et Hospital officials alerted police that a brutally-beaten woman had died yesterday following two-week treatment at the hospital.
Based on the police report, a home owner in Suwannaphum district organised a merit making ceremony to bless the new house on April 20.
The woman, identified by the name of Pee, got paid 100 baht for helping to wash the dishes at the ceremony.
The man, identified by the name of Dong, confronted her and tried to pry the money from her in order to buy drinks. She refused.
The woman was related to the man’s wife. And they had an affair too.
According to neighbours, Dong often came to sleep with Pee and demanded money from her to finance his drinking habit.
He also beat her before and after the tryst.
At the ceremony, he went into rage after she would not part with her pay. To the horror of merit makers, he punched and kicked her until she fell down.
Then he dragged her by the hair around the merit-making site before stomping on her body.
A dozen witnesses said they watched the entire incident and were reluctant to intervene in what they said was domestic violence.
After she passed out, he left the scene taking her money.
Merit makers at the ceremony subsequently rushed her to the hospital.
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