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“Man with two heads” needs help

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“Man with two heads” needs help | Samui Times
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Workpoint News reported on a Lopburi man living in poverty who has a large tumor on the side of his head.

imageThe tumor is so bad that the locals call Jaroon Suanmali, 71, the man with two heads.

Reporters caught up with Jaroon who lives in a corrugated iron shack in the Thale Chupsorn sub-district of Lopburi’s Muang district.

Doctors have told him that it is a brain tumor. It has been getting worse and worse for ten years.

He said he has two children who have done what they could and he still goes to work and gets the odd 100 baht.

But he is in pain and finds it especially hard to sleep at night. He said his existence is torture and he wants to take a whole load of pills and never wake up again.

“They call me the man with two heads,” he lamented, adding that he tried to get treatment years ago but ran out of money. Doctors told him it might clear up on its own but it didn’t.

He is not even sure it can be treated now.

A bank account has been set up in his name at the Big C branch of Krung Sri Ayuthaya bank in Lopburi. The number is 792-1-02754-5.

Thai Visa / Workpoint News


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