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Man who cut off dog paws charged by Thai police

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Man who cut off dog paws charged by Thai police | Samui Times
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In the latest of a series of cases of animal cruelty a Thai crane operator was reported to Samut Prakan police for attacking a dog severing its front paws.

dog abuse“Cola” a one year old dog was found by his owner Natnicha Phuthornthong, 32, outside her property on Thursday morning, reports Tnamcot.

One of his front paws was cut off and another was hanging by a thread. She followed the trail of blood that lead directly to a neighbour’s house, that of Theprachen Srisoda,36, who works on cranes in the area.

Cola was taken to a vet’s and after getting blood transfusions and being attended closely is responding well to treatment. His owner reported the matter to an animal welfare group who went with her to the local station where they were joined by Theprachen.

The owner said that it was true that four days before it was reported to her that her dog had chewed one of her neighbour’s boots and a helmet. She said she paid Theprachen 1000 baht compensation and told him she had got a chain so that Cola would not do anything again to annoy him.

But the neighbour, who admitted attacking the dog, said that the animal was not chained up as promised and in the early hours of Thursday morning snuck into his property and chewed his shoes. Angry, he took a sword to the dog.

He told police he was more worried that what he did was a sin than he would go to jail for his actions.

Police charged him with offences relating to animal welfare that carry a prison sentence of up to two years and a fine of not more than 40,000 baht.

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