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Marijuana with a street value of 500 million baht seized

Samui Times Editor



Marijuana with a street value of 500 million baht seized | Samui Times
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The Pathum Thani police raided a warehouse in Lam Luk Ka District yesterday where they found approximately 5 tons of marijuana worth approximately 500 million baht, the weed was destined to be smuggled out to the Netherlands.

marijuana-3000-2000-wallpaperSirisak Boonsiri, 47, was identified as the owner of the warehouse and was not onsite when the police arrived at the scene however the owner’s wife who is 34, said that she did not know that they were packs of weed but did admit that her husband had been in the export business for more than two years.

The marijuana was neatly wrapped in moisture control bagsa according to authorities, at this stage the police have confiscated the drugs and all of the packaging equipments, they believe that finger prints could lead them to the perpetrators.

Fake police selling magazines in Samui scam

There are a gang of criminals working in Samui at the moment posing as police officers. It is unknown where the team comes from but there have been many reports of them walking into businesses and offices around the island trying to sell an official looking magazine to business owners and staff. When sales are refused it has been reported that the offenders become quite intimidating.

The police in Samui have said that they have no such scheme to sell any kind of publication to the public or businesses and office workers. If you are approached by what appears to be the police trying to sell any kind of publication, you are advised to politely refuse and if you manage to get any information on the criminals such as CCTV footage, photographs or registration numbers report this to the police.

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