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Martial Law Declared in Thailand

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Martial Law Declared in Thailand | Samui Times
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Today Thailand’s army has declared martial law to restore order after months of political unrest. In an announcement on military run TV it was stressed that this move is not a coup and the public were told that they do not need to panic, and can still live their lives as normal. Martial law has been invoked to restore peace and order for people from all sides it said.

martial law thailandIt is not clear if the move, that gives the military control of nationwide security, was approved by the country’s prime minister. And concerns are being raised that if the government supporters see this as a coup it will only increase tensions, that were already running high after Yingluck Shinawatra was dismissed as prime minister in a controversial court ruling.

Armed troops have been deployed into the nation’s capital and gun wielding soldiers, backed by a military vehicle mounted with a machine gun was seen in the heart of the retail and hotel district.

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