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Massive raid as “coloreds” targeted in Nana this morning

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Massive raid as “coloreds” targeted in Nana this morning | Samui Times
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A massive raid in the Nana area of Sukhumvit this morning led by the head of special branch netted illegal Africans and a drugs suspect.

Massive raid asThe raid by 200 cops of the 191 force, tourist and Lumpini area police and soldiers swopped after midnight. It followed crackdowns in other areas of the city earlier in the day when search warrants were served on “dark skinned people”.

Daily News said in their headline that the raid in Nana targeted “people of color”.

It was led by Surachet Hakpan chief of 191.

A total of 60 people were urine tested for drugs but none came up positive.

However, thirteen people were arrested for not having permission to be in Thailand after they were unable to come up with passports.

These came from the following countries: Five from Uganda, two from Tanzania, three from Nigeria and one each from Senegal, Somalia and the Ivory Coast.

Six were men and seven women.

In addition a Nigerian man called Okechukwu Obi, 35, was arrested with 0.62 grams of “ice” (crystal meth) and was charged with possession of a Class 1 drug with intent to sell.

All the above were detained and sent for processing at Lumpini police station.

Thai Visa/ Daily News

Massive raid as


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