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“My Mate Nate” sickens Thai animal lovers with latest “anti- Buddhist” YouTube stunt

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“My Mate Nate” sickens Thai animal lovers with latest “anti- Buddhist” YouTube stunt | Samui Times
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An American man living in Thailand has drawn the ire of Thai animal lovers with his latest YouTube video.

Nate Bartling – who annoyed locals last year when he asked Thai girls in the street about their periods – appeared in the video with two Thai men – and a large fish, reported Daily News.

imageHe introduces an older Thai man as his father in law with the other being a friend. He then grabs a “pla chon” (snake head fish) and plunges it into liquid nitrogen.

When the fish is rock solid he then proceeds to put it in water and it comes round and not only starts swimming but ends us writhing on the floor as Nate and his pals laugh and joke.

The clip – entitled “Miracle fish comes back to life” – is all in the Thai language and has been viewed more than one and a half million times.

But while some people saw the funny side saying it is only a fish, many Thai animal lovers condemned the prankster.

Many in comments who professed the Buddhist faith called him “ay hia” (a water monitor that is a serious Thai insult).

Some comments said his antics were not in keeping with the Buddhist religion that advocates kindness to all living creatures.

It is not clear whether Nate’s latest escapade could land him in hot water as Thailand has some strict animal cruelty laws that carry severe penalties.

Last year Nate attempted to show the poor levels of English in the Kingdom by belittling Thai youths with “trick” questions like “Are you on your period?”.

Some comments on YouTube suggested that Nate has not learnt his lesson following criticism last year.

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