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Maximum security at subway train stations, airports, and embassies

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Maximum security at subway train stations, airports, and embassies | Samui Times
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Maximum security alert was put at subway, sky train stations and major airports, embassies, department stores in Bangkok and the provinces in wake of the terror attack in Brussels yesterday which killed 35 people and injured over 200 yesterday.

security BangkokThe Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) today put maximum security alerts on all its subway train stations, train depots and all its facilities.

The maximum alert includes stepped up patrols on all its facilities by its own security men, soldiers and police, along with explosive ordnance disposal units manned at some stations where there are many foreigners, tightened checkup of passengers’ belongings, luggage and package.

Moreover sniffing dogs were also deployed at some subway stations to detect suspicious objects.

Security men will monitor passengers closely, particularly foreigners.

Security alert at Suvarnabhumi, Don Muang, Phuket, Hat Yai were also raised to level 3 to assure safety for passengers and those visiting the airports.

Level 3, out of 4, is said to have been the highest level of safety ever implemented at these airports.

Airport officials are expected to be monitoring surveillance cameras around the clock for any suspicious people or activities.

Under this security level, stricter passenger and luggage search for any forbidden items and weapons as well as a thorough x-ray scan within the airport terminal will be enforced.

Random check will be conducted on travelling passengers and also non passengers in the airports, and all airport staff and airline employees will also need to have entry and exit cards in entering restricted areas.

Besides, soldiers and police will coordinate to safeguard the airports.

The Belgium Embassy in Bangkok was placed at maximum security alerts with police checking vehicles passing the area, and more security men were posted.

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