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Mayor furious as “abnormally well endowed guys” sully his patch

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Mayor furious as “abnormally well endowed guys” sully his patch | Samui Times
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The allegedly gay guys pictured online cavorting naked in the Thai countryside have now been referred to as “abnormally big” in the Thai media.

Mayor furious asThaivisa is unfortunately unable to confirm the actual size of the men’s endowment’s due to the pictures having been vaselined out.

The gang were previously referred to as the “Naked Lads Gang” on Thaivisa yesterday.

However, we can now reveal that the Thais are not letting the matter rest and some are even furious.

They want the “tourists” arrested and facing the law.

Leading the way is Laem Pak Bia mayor Sripetch Namdech who is sure that some of the pictures were taken on a damaged nature trail walkway by the E-Et klong in his area of Petchaburi.

Thai Rath said he was livid that the tourists had chosen to bring shame on his patch and damage the image of tourism in Petchaburi.

He has gone to Ban Laem police to file a complaint.

Fellow local official Porn-anan Saphim said there was no doubt that three or four of the pictures were taken there as it was very recognizable. Some things had changed indicating it may have been some time ago, however.

Local police chief Pol Col Phairat Thaensiri is taking it seriously saying the statute of limitations for such offences is either five or one year depending on which ordinance is broken.

But he is trying to find the tourists and said they could be jailed or fined.

Thai Rath used the term “Ay Mong” in their headline that roughly equates to bandits in balaclavas though the term “mong” also has connotations of great size or endowment.

Sexual position in some of the other photos suggested the men might have been gay.

The hunt is now on.

Thai Visa / Thai Rath

Mayor furious as

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