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Meet Alister Bredee of the Health Ambit Consultancy

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Meet Alister Bredee of the Health Ambit Consultancy | Samui Times
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Alister Bredee has been working as a health care professional for almost 30 years and during that time he has treated thousands of people worldwide helping them to overcome a myriad of problems. The Samui Times caught up with him to find out more about what he does and his fascinating journey through life.

Hi Alister, thank you for taking your time to talk to us. To start off with where do you come from?

Good question, I feel myself to be a citizen of the world. I was born in Sri Lanka, educated in the UK and feel Ireland is home.

How did you get into healthcare?

I saw an advertisement in a Sunday newspaper advertising a hypnotherapy course. It looked interesting, so I signed up.

Are there any common misconceptions about hypnotherapy?

Yes, there are lots. Hypnotherapy is not mind control. It’s a gentle relaxing experience and many people seem to be expecting an out of body experience, so they say it didn’t work for them!

Your healthcare journey really started in Bahrain, what was it like living there?

Bahrain was fine, I enjoyed it very much. Prior to that I was in Saudi Arabia which was quite difficult.

How did the move to Harley Street come about?

When I returned to the UK, I started my practice in Kensington High St. I always wanted to work from Harley Street. In 1987 the opportunity came up and I went there. Thanks to Dr. Harry Howell I later secured a place at the Hale Clinic .Princess Diana used to visit the colonics therapist next door: my Irish connection made a security risk so nobody ever told me.

You feel you didn’t find the sort of results you were looking for there, what were you looking for?

I was looking for something which gave results that were better than placebo effect. Don’t underestimate placebo effect, it is about 30% effective which is a lot better than most pharmaceutical drugs, but I wanted something a lot better than that!

You practice kinesiology at are the principles of that?

Kinesiology is based around muscle testing. Testing muscles is not only a short cut to the subconscious mind which knows all about you, but also provides an effective diagnostic tool. It was developed by the chiropractors who wanted to know why their adjustments did not always hold.

You attended an electro-magnetic fields lecture, what impressed you about that?

This was the first time I came into contact with Dr. Harry Howell. As far as I was concerned he had a fresh take on things and I wanted to know more. When he opened Howell College in 1988 I was in the first batch of students.

Why did you choose to train as a Reiki Master? I choose to train in Reiki, the master thing came as I moved from level to level, because at the time we had a healing Centre in Monkstown, ca lled Natural Solutions and Mary Fanning did Reiki healings from there. I got interested in what she was doing and decided learn more.

You attended Gary Craig’s training workshop, what did that teach you?

Gary Craig developed EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). When I learn new techniques I like to learn from the originators. The training in Flagstaff Arizona gave me the opportunity to learn from the master himself.

You also practice TAT, what are the principles of TAT?

TAT stands for Tapas Acupressure Technique. It was developed by acupuncturist Tapas Fleming. By holding specific acupuncture points negative emotions and limiting beliefs are healed. It is very powerful!

What brought you to Thailand?

Oh, love! I came to a wedding in Songkhla in March 2005. My maths master from school was getting married for the first time aged 67. It was a grand occasion with people from all over the world attending. After the wedding I went to visit some friends with whom I had worked in Bahrain. This was in Pattaya and whilst there I met somebody myself. We decided to give it a try and here we are still together after 8 years!

Tell us about your Health Ambit Consultancy?

It’s really a healing center devoted to detox, overall wellness and holistic healh. The pivot is sub-prime health. This is a new buzz word from the WHO which indicates people are not ill but they are not well either. Our job is to bring them to balance. The focus of this is the remarkable QRMA. This stands for Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer. A computerized system that provides an overall health check. Using this data we design programs to bring people back to optimum balance and good health. We have a center in Bangrak where I see people but the equipment is easily portable so I can go to them, too.

What kind of conditions do you treat?

Aside from the QRMA which is a valuable tool for detoxing, weight loss, introducing people to healthy eating and exercise, I do a lot of work on psycho-spiritual issues. That really means clearing up negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Beliefs are really the key. What we say we believe and what we actually believe are frequently two very different things. Thanks to muscle testing we can get to the root of these belief issues.

Can you heal remotely? Do you mean, can I heal at a distance? Yes, I can, I do quite a lot of the psycho-spiritual work long distance by means of Skype or telephone. This doesn’t work for the QRMA though!

How can readers find out more?

Well, I have a website. This is People can find out a lot of what I do there. Health Ambit Consultancy also has a Facebook page which is continuously being updated. On the Facebook page you have access to our free online free 7 day Health and Wellness Course. People can contact me through the website and via Facebook and I am more than happy to answer questions.

What aspects of Samui do you find inspiring?

I came here to work in the detox industry. I ended up as Wellness Consultant at one of the detox resorts. I then branched out to set up on my own. This has been quite tough. I have battled with Samui since 2007. This year, I decided to stay still and be grateful for what I have. I think Samui is totally inspiring: it is awesomely beautiful. I have been many places in the world but just turning a corner in Samui and catching a glimpse of the turquoise sea through a gap in the trees always takes my breath away!

What are your plans for the future?

My dream, even before coming to Samui has been to open a residential healing centre. It has to be beside the sea, so Samui is ideal as a location. It will be a place of healing and light. Somewhere people can come to break addictions, overcome illness, rest and recuperate. A place of community and creativity where there is music, painting, poetry and drama The guests create this for themselves whilst having the availability of first rate healing techniques and therapies form practitioners who come from excellence. There are opportunities to learn new skills which can be of service to the whole. People pay what they can afford and if they can’t afford the better off can help the less well off. Yes, that’s the next step!

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