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Meet DJ Dean Lambert | Samui Times
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Koh Samui is well known for its nightlife and entertainment. Over the last fourteen years DJ Dean Lambert has been part of the entertainment scene and lived permanently on the island for the last eight years. The Samui Times caught up with Dean to find out a bit more about him and what he has done to diversify his talents to meet today’s entertainment market.

DJ Dean Lambert

Dean, where did you call home before you came to live in Koh Samui?

I come from East London originally, although I have worked all over the world. I have been coming to Thailand for 14 years but have been living here for the past 8 years after I got booked for a gig on Koh Som and just fell in love with the place.

What did you do before you came here?

I have always been in the entertainment industry and have been a DJ since I was 14 when I played for school discos and weddings. From there I moved on to nightclubs when I was around seventeen and played locally as well opening a sound and lighting company with a shop and a record shop after that.

You have played gigs all over the world, how did that come about and where have you played?

I got my big break back in the eighties when I was asked to play at The Astoria, from there my career just took off and took me to Egypt, Denmark, Sweden and France in the eighties and places like Ibiza Cyprus, Greece, Jordan, Moscow, Mauritius, India and Sri Lanka after that.

What are your most memorable career highlights?

Tribal Gathering in 1996 in Luton where I played a 16 hour set for three thousand people in my own Arena, I was a Resident with World Dance/AWOL for over 10years, One of the Bigger Events springs to mind was at Lydd Airport in 1993 was great fun with ten thousand people having the time of their lives, then I got Bigger Breaks around 1992 when the US House/Garage scene exploded in the UK, I was defiantly one of the Forerunners of this Scene holding down some awesome residencies, including the legendary “Gass Club” and an 8 hour set every Saturday for “Freedom” at Bagley’s of course being a monthly resident DJ at the Ministry of Sound on Friday nights for ‘SMOOVE’ was excellent too.

During very long sets when you can be playing for up to fifty thousand people what keeps you going?

It is an intense love of music and entertaining people, the buzz you get from watching people having the time of their lives is like nothing else. Back in the day I would leave for work on a Thursday night and get home the following Tuesday, doing up to fourteen gigs on a weekend, what can I say, you just have to love what you are doing.

What sort of gigs do you do on the island?

Having over fifteen thousand tracks, so many years of experience, and my own set up that means I require nothing from the venue other than power, I have the versatility to do any sort of gig. I can do anything from all night dance events to a romantic beach side wedding with tunes to suit. I have a superb lighting system, the sort of thing that you would never expect to see on a mobile set up and because it is waterproof I can set up on the beach. I have done gigs for grand openings of numerous venues on the Island, Beach Parties, Corporate Events, Private Celebrations, Weddings, you name it I have done it and can still do it……

Has the sort of gig you have been asked to DJ changed over the years?

Yes it has, there is a lot more call for weddings these days, an industry that has really taken off over the last few years. So much so that I have been asked to co-ordinate weddings as well as just DJ at them and I have had some great feedback from my customers.

What sort of feedback have you had?

I have had some fantastic letters from customers one who said “You thought of all of the fine details that sadly I might have missed and that was thoroughly appreciated”. “You managed to save us money on flowers, the cake, fireworks, photographer and entertainment, your conduct was professional and as for the night’s music, perfect playlist, exactly what we wanted”. “Everything went smoothly, you took all burden from my shoulders and made sure that everything ran to time, all the guests were happy and most importantly I was relaxed. With you around, I really didn’t need to worry.

What does that kind of feedback mean to you?

It means the world to me, it is great to know that you have had a key role in making the best wedding day possible for a bride and groom and their guests. I didn’t really envisage myself as a wedding DJ and wedding planner when I first set out in Samui, but with the contacts I have made here and my experience of the island I find it easy to create events that myself and my customers can be proud of and there is nothing better than creating memories that will be cherished forever. I have also very much enjoyed tailor making stag nights, again, knowing exactly what is available on the island has given me the opportunity to suggest venues that exactly match my customers expectations.

If you would like DJ Dean Lambert to cater for your event check out his website at or give him a call on +66 (0) 857887154

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