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Meet “Jao Yo” the Thai dog who knows no fear!

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Meet “Jao Yo” the Thai dog who knows no fear! | Samui Times
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He must be one of the bravest dogs in Thailand – meet Jao Yo who lives in the southern province of Nakorn Sri Thammarat.

Daily News reporters went to the house of 83 year old Tang Sitthirit in Khao Phra district where the relieved owner said he was saved the other day by his faithful Thai mutt who attacked a cobra as it slithered into the house, reports Daily News.

Tang was awakened from his slumbers and surprised to see Jao Yo with the cobra dead in his jaws.

But this was not the first time Tang had his dog to thank for saving his skin. Apparently this was the tenth time that his dog had attacked and killed a snake on the property.

Our picture shows Jao Yo, a brown and black Thai breed on the right with his thankful owner Tang. The white dog on the left was unidentified.

Thai Visa / Daily News

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