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Meet Kwang the lady behind Juice Queen

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Meet Kwang the lady behind Juice Queen | Samui Times
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Consumers are becoming more health-conscious, but their definition of health is also changing. Today’s consumers are increasingly driven to local, natural, organic and sustainable offerings. Food trends, like fashion, come and go. But healthy foods are always a good bet—trendy or not.

We are lucky that today, Juice Queen, a cold-pressed and organic juicing service, is open their business for Samui residences in order to help us keeping up with a good health. After its debut on social media, Samui Times decided to get an exclusive interview with the founder of a lifestyle organic juice brand, Juice Queen, Kwang or Chootiya Nuchpoom.

kwang“My goal is to offer everyone a healthier choice in their busy schedule. Consumers need to know that natural food is the best for them, not processed food in a super market.” Kwang started the conversation with determination. Working out and diet nutrients have always been her interests since she was living in Los Angeles, California. Recently moved to Koh Samui, Kwang was struggled in finding healthier diet options due to limited resources on the island.

“With the technology advancement in Thailand, food-like substances nowadays are full of chemical. It was not like this 10 years ago when I left the country. Farmers use heavily pesticides. Food manufacturers put so much chemical that there is less than 5% original ingredients. Our food becomes so synthetic.” She exclaimed with frustration.

“I used to have a very big issue with my digestive system. It was very bad that the doctor requested me to have an operation otherwise it would have turned it to a cancer.” After the doctor diagnosed, Kwang decided to change her diet (to Paleo Diet and juicing) and started to workout heavily with certified trainers and nutritionist. “The whole thing changed my life. My health is at peak. I am full of energy as never before. Most importantly, my digestive issue disappeared in 3 months!” She told us the story happily.

Juice Queen started purely from Kwang’s interest and her direct experiences with juicing along with knowledge collected from many prestige juice queen 1life-coaches and trainers in the West Coast, Los Angeles. Her juices are focusing on its medicinal purpose. They are delicious and healthy. “I want people to taste the honest nature and realize that they are yummy!” She emphasized that nature are the best thing you can give to your body.

“Not only fresh cold-pressed juices we offer. We also have organic nut milks, greens smoothies, and other healthy snacks. In the future, we will also have some organic vegetable available for those who would like to cook healthy at home.” Kwang ended the interview with enthusiasm about the shop.

For those who have been looking for a place for a healthy drink and snack, look no further. Juice Queen shop is about to open for business just before the New Year. The shop is located in Chaweng near by Bangkok Hospital. Keep your eyes open, we will give you a shout when the shop is ready!

If you have not known already, Juice Queen is delivering cold-pressed juice right your homes/offices. Contact or log-on to for more information.

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