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Meet Lorraine Clark | Samui Times
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The Samui Times caught up with Lorraine Clark this week, a dynamic lady that has a busy life in on the island. We found out where she comes from, how the Women’s Business Network came about and her new Charity organization.

Where do you come from and how long have you been in Koh Samui?

I am originally from the UK, a born and bred London girl! On saying that I have spent a lot of my life in the South West of England, a particularly beautiful part of the country with some amazing scenery and very special people…it is always good to go back and see friends and family, especially as I have lived here for nine years, it means that we have plenty parties to catch up on with each other!

What are the major changes you have seen on the island during your nine years here?

I have known the island for over fifteen years in all and it is fair to say that there have been a few changes in every area in that time, but I believe the island is on track for great things in the future and will be a destination to put on your ‘Bucket List’ of places to visit. There are more and more opportunities opening up for all the community, male and female, foreign and nationals…I can’t think of anywhere else this happens nowadays, we are all very fortunate to be part of it, in my humble opinion.

How did the Women’s Business Network come about?

Having been here for a while and running my own business, it became very obvious that there was a need for women who live here to be able to meet up , share ideas, get advice and to promote their business’s. We have many beautiful locations on the island, which provide the venues for the monthly network meetings and the generosity of the hotels/ resorts always ensures the success of the evening!

You held an event at The Spirit House in Chaweng, how did that go?

It was an amazing success, we had a fashion show, live music, a mini expo… amongst a whole bunch of other attractions and the highlight of the evening had to be the raffle which raised the initial funds needed for the new project I have started on the island “Can Cook Connection”

Tell us more about the “Can Cook Connection”

The “Can Cook Connection” is an educational project to designed to empower and inspire people to love and enjoy good food, learning how to cook, understanding where it comes from and recognizing the power it can have on health happiness and finances.

We are eating the wrong things and too much of them, so our diet is not balanced…too many fast foods and unhealthy snacks can put us in danger of being more likely to develop obesity-related illnesses like heart disease, cancer and diabetes…In the west, this is the first generation in which children are predicted to die younger than their parents…we need to stop this happening to our community and through the help of the many professionals here on Samui we aim to provide an educational, yet fun program on the island .

Volunteers from WBN and elsewhere, will be working with local schools, local children, their families and local business, to encourage local under privileged children to have the opportunity to do the following: Attend Master Classes held in their school by Chefs from the island…Visit Restaurants/ Resorts and Hotels and take part in a ‘Dining Experience’…Take part in Cooking Lessons… Enter a fully supported Work Experience program, with Employment Opportunities.

If you would like to take part in this project, please contact me at: Email: Phone: 089 047 6348

What sort of projects/events do you plan for the future?

I am currently working toward the official launch of “Can Cook Connection” which is to be in September this year.

In the meantime the next meeting Of the Women’s Business Network is on Wednesday 10th July (6.00pm – 8.00pm) at Akrya Chura Samui, Chaweng…we are going to have quite a glamorous evening around the pool, with canapés and cocktails…with a few surprises thrown in for good measure!

All ladies are welcome; bring your business cards and any promotional information, many connections are made during our evenings and who said business needs to be boring!

What do you think is still missing here on the island for women?

I think that there is pretty much everything here that you need, you just need to get out and find it!

What advice would you give to women that have just arrived to live on the island?

To get out and about as much as you can, go to every different group who meet on the island, you are sure to find one you like, but if you don’t…start one of your own!

What is your favorite pastime when you are not working?

Travelling…I love to explore new places on and off the island, there are so many places to see and new friends to meet, I just don’t have enough hours in the day…or days in the week to do it all!

Do you have any favorite restaurants on the island?

That’s a difficult question, because just as soon as I decide on my favourite, another one opens up and that takes its place. Currently though I would have to say it is Zazens Business lunches…now I wonder if they want to host a Women’s Business Network meeting?

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