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Meet Melody Old of Tallulah’s Treasures

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Meet Melody Old of Tallulah’s Treasures | Samui Times
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Finding things to buy on the island, for yourself, or for a gift, is not always easy. There are lots of shops here but anybody who has spent any significant amount of time in Koh Samui will know that finding something unique can be quite difficult. One of the islands residents, Melody Old, has not only noticed that gap but filled it. Melody is a talented designer who has created her own range of bags, belts, headbands and cuffs, but designing accessories was not how she started out in life. The Samui Times caught up with Melody to find out what she did before she created her stunning range of accessories and what the inspiration is behind her Tallulah’s Treasures.

TT1Melody, thanks for meeting with us today, so let’s start off with a simple question, where do you come from and how long have you been in Samui?

I’m from London & have lived on Koh Samui for 2 years.

What did you do before you started to do Tallulah’s Treasures?

In London I worked in events in investment banking, but travelling was always my passion so I left a lot of jobs in the past!… then I moved to Thailand 3 years ago & for the first time got involved in running my own business. It was video production which I wasn’t really that passionate about … so I started to wonder what I was passionate about!

What made you decide to take a change in direction?

I wanted to create something of my own, which would enable me to continue to travel & be mobile. I started to think about selling things online, possibly goods from Asia to Europe. Then it kind of evolved & I decided to sell something of my own… I love travelling & shopping & was trying to think of something that could merge the two together…

tt6What was the inspiration behind Tallulah’s Treasures?

Well Tallulah is my dog which is where the name comes from… I was thinking of a few different things, girlie stuff like wine charms as I do love a glass of wine! … jewellery, home ware, bags, clothes… So I started making a few different things, the wine charms & jewellery went really well but the joy of designing & selling one of my bags over rode everything else so I decided to focus solely on leather treasures.

Have you had any previous design experience?

No not really, but I have always been creative experimenting with clothes etc. I made a skirt out of a bright pink lilo once… it still had the blow up bit on it & everyone thought I could blow up my skirt!

Your handbag range is incredibly popular, where do you get your design inspiration from?

I love colour & anything & anyone who looks a bit different. I was a huge Madonna fan growing up & love David Bowie Ziggy Stardust. I also love 70’s bohemian fashion & asymmetry; I find clean lines quite boring. So I guess it’s a mixture of all of that with some London glamour thrown in.

Where are the handbags made?TT7

Everything is sourced & made here in Thailand.

Is every handbag unique?

My collections are limited edition & hand-made so no two are exact. I am also working on a ‘one off’ collection. I have soooo many ideas it is ridiculous!

If a customer has a design in mind can you create their dream bag?

I guess they would already be interested in my design style. I would be happy to make some tweaks & changes if they had something in mind.

tt5As well as bags, what else do you have on offer?

At the moment its bags, belts, headbands, cuffs ….. I am also working on a men’s range & have lots of other exciting ideas for 2014.

Where do you sell your Treasures?

You can buy Tallulah’s Treasures at NiCholB aka Nikky Noddles London, in Fisherman’s Village Bo Phut, & I sell online.

Where can customers buy them online? will be up & running at the start of 2014, if not before. And I have a Tallulah’s Treasures Face Book account & page. You can also contact me on

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