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Meet Michael from the Squires Loft Steak House Samui

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Meet Michael from the Squires Loft Steak House Samui | Samui Times
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As the Squires Loft Steak House in Bophut Fishermans village swells with popularity we decided to poke our heads around the door and find out a little more about the team who are creating such as stir on the islands culinary scene.

Michael Squires LoftMichael Portelli has spent his life connected to dining. Having always had friends and relatives who own restaurants and having worked in Melbourne restaurants himself for around 10 years restaurants have been a big part of his life.

When it comes to Samui, Michael found himself living on this tropical island after being a regular visitor to Thailand for over a decade. “When I visit Thailand I always end up in Samui it just feels like home. For me the island offers such great variety of things to do and there are some great people here as well, I think Samui is the best place in Thailand that offers a little slice of paradise.” he said.

As well as a love affair with Koh Samui, Michael has a long love affair with the Squires Loft, and enjoyed the Squires Loft as a visitor before he made it part of his life. After two years of deliberation with Troy and taking many trips to and from Samui looking at restaurants the duo finally found a home for the Squires Loft Koh Samui in the romantic Fisherman’s Village. “As soon as we found the new location we knew it was the one” Michael said, “so after many negotiations we sealed the deal and our journey began in Koh Samui.” “One of the most rewarding things about being part of the Squires Loft is speaking with our customers after their meal when they tell me it’s the best steaks they have ever had, it’s also very rewarding to see how we have grown and how many regular customers we have so soon after opening”. “Of course our great team, or as we say family, at the Squires also make a hearty contribution to my enjoyment of our new venture. Working together is very rewarding.” “Our staff take a lot of pride in their work and are always willing to help when necessary.” “We are blessed to have a good team that they all get along so well, they tell us that they never had bosses like us and love coming to work, it’s good to see your staff happy, they make our life so much easier.”

Although Michael enjoys all of the dishes he says it’s hard to pick a favorite, “for me it just depends on how I am feeling as I am in love them all, but most of the time I have an entree off our famous ribs with our blue cheese sauce, I have to admit that is my weakness.”

Establishing what he loves about Samui is rather more easy “there are so many different nationalities here” he says, “and there’s always something to do or somewhere to go, it really is a slice off paradise.”

When we asked Michael about the future he said “well our future plans is to continue to build the Squires Loft in Samui over the next 10 years and we are also looking at setting up another squire loft in Thailand in the near future”

For more information about the Squires Loft click here to visit their Facebook Page and Here to visit their website

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