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A message from accident victim Stu Kyffin’s brother Dave

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A message from accident victim Stu Kyffin’s brother Dave | Samui Times
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Ladies & Gents,

We need now to make a concerted effort to spread the word about Stu even further. With that at the forefront of your mind please tell everyone you know or come into Contact with or do business with about both the youcaring site and our Facebook site ‘Support Our Stu’.

I have three aims:

1. To get Stu back by Christmas
2. To reach 3000 likes and 350 members on the ‘Support Our Stu’ site by the first week in December.
3. To raise as much in excess of £100 000 as we possibly can by Christmas day in order to secure Stu’s future.

Stuart kyffinThese three aims will only be achieved if we go all out to raise the profile of our campaign and this means spreading the word further afield. To achieve this we need to focus on the following three areas:

1. Persuade your friends who haven’t got on board to join us. Make 100 friend requests in the coming few days and tell your new friends about our campaign.
2. Share all the main articles and events on our Facebook site with everyone you know and invite every single person you know to join our site.
3. Use social media to promote our campaign. If you aren’t on Twitter please join, it’s free and you can use it from you home computer. I am the most private person you will ever meet but just for this campaign I am using Twitter to best effect. It is a fantastic tool and tailor made for our purposes. Once you have joined follow me on @davekyffin1 and together we will make a difference.

We are now so close to achieving our goal that you can taste it. It would be a massive disappointment to me if after getting so close we fell at the last hurdle. You have already shown more support for my brother than I could ever have hoped for but now I need that support for one last big push.

When the fight is almost at an end, whether winning or losing, muster all your strength and fight harder.

‘We few, We Happy Few, We Band Of Brothers’

Stuart Kyffin is a former soldier with the 2nd Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment and the SAS. Originally from Markfield, Stuart has lived in Samui for many years, but on the 4th of October he suffered severe brain injuries in an accident and although he is now breathing on his own he remains in a coma.

In Thailand Stu has a girlfriend, Jiraa, and tathree-year-old daughter, Kyraa, he also has a son and daughter and grandson living in the UK.

In a previous statement David said: “We know the extent of the brain damage is massive and Stu will require 24-hour care for life.

“Our family is humbled by the tremendous love and support expressed towards Stu and we find strength in all your continued love, thoughts and prayers.
To find out more about Stu you can visit the Support our Stu Facebook page

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