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A message from Anzhela – Want to get fitter and healthier? Then this is a MUST READ for you!

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A message from Anzhela – Want to get fitter and healthier? Then this is a MUST READ for you! | Samui Times
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Hello dear Samui Residents!

My name is Anzhela. I’m from Russia originally now residing in Koh Samui .

anzhela 2Let me introduce myself a bit here also. I want you to know me better to understand where my knowledge, experience and approach come from.

I got certified as a personal trainer/nutritionist/raw vegan educator and chef (general nutrition and raw vegan nutrition).

Have more than a decade of experience in fitness/bodybuilding/nutrition. Have been a raw vegan for 3 years and 3 months.

Thank you for clicking the link and reading this post. It can literally change your life if you take actions, it can transform you and make you fit, slim, healthy and full of energy!

I have a couple of topics I want to talk to you about today.

First one is JUICING.

anzhela 1You must have seen the updates on the juicy challenge I’ve been doing with people on the island.

One of the last updates I want to share with you here is from Cara who has been in a good shape before the juice week but feeling absolutely amazing now:

The 7 days are over and it feels like the hard part is just beginning! No more amazing juices made by Anzhela, having to make food choices again (of course with the knowledge gained) and keeping to intentions set to incorporate different ways of exercising. Giving up food is actually very easy, which I’ve known from previous fasts. It’s the putting it back in whilst keeping the high level of nutrition my body this past week has got used to that’s more challenging.

 The juices Anzhela provided were super yummy and it really felt like my body was getting a different level of nutrition than it’s used to, and that’s even with having a generally good diet beforehand. Overall I had plenty of energy during the week and was able work my normal schedule and do some of my usual sports alongside the training with Anzhela. Of course, there were a few afternoons where I did feel a bit tired but I was absolutely amazed that I had the energy for a workout in the evening.

 Anzhela’s a great personal trainer, she gives good motivation and support. She planned sessions for me that were do-able yet challenging. Her nutritional knowledge is great and she is very approachable to ask questions to.

 So was it worth it? Definitely! I’m feeling great – physically, mentally and energetically. Have I lost weight? Yes, although more importantly for me is how I feel, not the kilos or inches. However it’s finally time that I get rid of that one pair of jeans that hide in my wardrobe and only get brought out to see if I can actually fit in them! Feeling this good right now and the top button still not getting done up, the jeans are just not worth keeping! I’m keeping the positive attitude to a healthy life!

Cara’s progress after 7 days:

Weight: before 55 kg, after 53 kg

Waist: before 66 cm, after 65 cm

Hips: before 95cm, after 94 cm

Chest: before 82 cm, after 80 cm

Legs: before 53 cm, after 51.5 cm

Arms: before 26 cm, after 26 cm

But most importantly of course how amazing she feels now!

You can read more about juicing and why you should do it here:

Get out there and MOVE!

Act 2

As I was conquering the hill in Bangrak today 10 times in a row. I met one of participants of my juicy weight loss challenges. He came there by himself to do the hill workout(that is not easy believe me!). I must also say he did look much better than when I first met him, obviously he did make some changes to his lifestyle.


The idea came to my mind: to organise group workouts for people of Samui who want to get fitter, healthier and start working our regularly but couldn’t do that on their own. Well, now you have buddies who will support you and motivate you!


You will get a chance to ask me any questions about nutrition, weight loss, health, healthy cooking and healthy shopping on Samui.

The first workout will be on Thursday, November 21st. If you want to join our group send an email to the editor of Samui times or send me a message on FB. The workout will be on the hill, 3 minutes from Fisherman’s village(by bike) at 7.30.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and guide you on your way to a new healthier and fitter you!

You can read more about me and what I do if you follow the links below:

That is my website, feel free to browse.

I also have a facebook page:

All those resources have hips of information for you to use if you want to get fitter and healthier! Everything: articles, recipes, workouts…

My main mission is to help as many people as I can to get fitter and healthier and have the time of their lives!

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