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Missing Russian feared kidnapped found, inured, but alive

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Missing Russian feared kidnapped found, inured, but alive | Samui Times
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Yana Strizheus, the Russian woman who was missing, feared kidnapped in Phuket has been found in a hotel room, injured but alive.

Her discovery was made by a maid who wound the woman with injuries to her neck and wrists, she called the police and Ms Strizheus was taken to the Thalang hospital, however she has refused to speak and has offered no explanation as to the whereabouts of her boyfriend Alexei Slabinskiy.

missing russian foundThe search for the missing couple began on Friday, when they were feared kidnapped after a series of strange phone calls. Early yesterday morning a team of police accompanied by Russian embassy staff went to the couple’s home where they found no signs of foul play.

The couple arrived in Phuket on April of last year, Mr Slabinskiy, a finance broker, told his friends and family that he was making the trip in order to enjoy a holiday and learn to speak Thai. During their stay their idyllic trip turned into a nightmare, and the couple made frantic calls home to friends and relatives claiming they had run into trouble in Phuket and urgently needed USD 100,000 to solve some unexpected problems. When the cell phone went silent concerned family members raised the alarm. Then on Thursday Yanna called her sister in Russia and whispered to her that she had been kidnapped, she went on to stay that if she did not arrive back in Russia the following day, it would mean that she was dead.

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