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Missing Russian tourist found drowned in Phuket

Samui Times Editor



Missing Russian tourist found drowned in Phuket | Samui Times
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The body of a Russian tourist who allegedly drowned on Kalim Beach on October 15 was found this morning (October 17) floating in the sea just off Paradise Beach in Patong.
Rescuers helped bring the body to shore and authorities at the scene confirmed the body belonged to Mr Pacal Mironov, 27, who had been missing for two days.
Mr Pacal was on honeymoon with his new bride when he walked into the sea after they argued. Both locals and rescuers helped to search for him.
Police questioned Mr Pacal’s wife, Tsyrenova Mironov, 25, who said they were drinking on the beach when they started arguing.
Ms Tsyrenova told police, “ I thought he just walked off and went back to our room at Patong Lodge Hotel, but when I looked up, I saw him walk into the sea. I panicked when I could only his head. I called for help but he was no where to be found.”
The victim’s body was taken to Patong Hospital.
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