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M&M’s League of Gentlemen Pool 14th August

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M&M’s League of Gentlemen Pool 14th August | Samui Times
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On Wednesday the 14th of August the M&M’s sponsored League of Gentlemen pool games were taking off around the island, well some of them! At the Office Bar, Riks at the Office were sitting in the dark with the boys from the Thairish Bar due to a power cut. After having some friendly banter for an hour and a half they headed off to play at Thairish in the Reggae Soi.

Down the road at the Bamboo Bar the generator was working hard to ensure a power out would not stop play and the battle between Nang Su Pim and Kinaree commenced with an exciting frame between Mark and Pat. During the frame Michael gave Mark a big shove causing him to miscue the ball. Mark was less than impressed by such a move and considered potting Michaels head into the pocket but thought better of it and won the frame instead. Gary then took on Michael, who with no shoving from Mark, won the frame. Nang then took on May who played well but was no match for Nang, who has only lost one frame all season, and beat her . Dave then took on Mick who gave him a bit of a run for his money SAM_3077but missed his last shot leaving Dave with good position on his balls and lined up well for a clearance. However Dave missed his second shot and Mick came back and potted his last ball but totally snookered himself on the black. He tried to double it into the end pocket but the white hit the middle pocked and shot across the table giving Dave another chance. Mark looked at his watch and said “what is going on? We would normally be 7-0 up by now” as Dave did an incredible magic shot and went on to win the frame. Mark and Michael then gave each other the run around and both played some crafty shots, however when Mark put in a duff shot, that would normally have resulted in him smashing his cue on the table, he simple gave the table a pat as he shot a glance over to his new bike outside the bar and welled up with pride. Despite his rubbishy shot he went on to win the frame. Gary then took on May just as the generator stopped and the bar was plunged into darkness, but only for a second, George got it fired up again and Gary won the frame. Nang then went on to win her second frame of the night, this time against Mick. Dave then took on Pat and gave him a ball in hand, but that was the only mistake he made before putting in some incredible shots that enthralled the crowd and won him the frame. Mark then got well ahead in his frame against May but nonced the black right up however when May stuffed one of her shots up Mark got back to black and nailed it! Gary then got a win in against Mike before Nang wiped the floor with Pat, Dave put in some great shots against Michael but managed find himself in a snookering competition that went on for ages before Dave got bored and let Michael take the second frame of the night for Kinaree. Mark then took on Mick who broke but did not get another shot as Mark put in an impressive eight ball clearance. Gary then beat Pat and the star of the night Nang then took to the table to beat Michael and take her team to a 13- 2 win finishing on one of the most impressive shots anybody had ever seen.

SAM_3083Up the road at the Premier Bar Chillin Bar were determined to get a win. The night started for them when team Captain Ian lost the first frame to Sergey. Roger2 who has been playing superbly well in both the Monday and Wednesday night leagues then took on Fedor and won. Steve, fresh back from Ranong, then took on Max and also won. However Tom lost momentum in his frame and Alan took the second point of the night for Chillin. Roger1 did not fare so well in his frame that he lost to New Dennis however, who has been playing some great pool this season took a frame from Sergey. Ian then lost his second frame of the night this time to Fedor who was wearing his magic red glove. Roger2 then enjoyed a win against max before Steve lost a frame to Alan. Tom lost next in his frame against New but Roger1 came to the rescue by beating Sergey. Dennis then got his second win in for the night against Fedor. Ian then unbelievably lost his third frame of the night this time to Max. Roger2 then took a loss to Alan taking the score to 6-8. Steve then took on New and won before Tom got a win in against Fedor leveling the score out at 8-8. Roger1, who has just opened a school in Cambodia then took a great win against Fedor. Dennis then took his first loss when Max beat him fair and square. Ian the lost his fourth frame of the evening to Alan, leaving his team mates to wonder what on earth was going on. Roger 2 was then beaten by New before Steve stepped in to stop the rot by beaing Sergey. However it didn’t do much good as Tom lost again this time to Fedor and Roger2 lost to Max giving a 10-13 victory to the away team.

Down in Chaweng Max bar were playing host to a rather depleted M&M’s team who were missing Flea and Nippa. Max got the ball rolling taking on T-bone who predictably won. Martin and Steve went head to head but it was Martin that won the frame, Fabio then beat Todd and Manfred beat the mighty Don Roberto putting the home team two points ahead. However when Steve beat Max and T-bone beat Martin it was back to 3-3. Max Bar then edged ahead once more as Fabio beat Don Roberto, Manfred beat Todd, and Max beat Don Roberto who was playing again. Todd then stopped the rot by beating Martin and T-bone backed him up by beating Fabio. When Manfred lost his frame against Steve it was level pegging once again at six all. Todd then edged the away team just out in front beating Max but Martin got the better of the Don so back to even stevens. T-bone then tried to forge ahead by beating Manfred and due to some seriously messed up team order then played again and beat Max. Steve then beat Martin putting the away team ahead by 4 points. Fabio changed things around a bit when he beat Todd but Don Roberto stepped into action and beat Manfred taking the score to a tantalizing 8-12 for the away team who were sure they would win one more frame. But they were wrong because Max beat Steve, Martin beat T-bone, Fabio beat Don Roberto and Martin beat Todd so once again the teams were level this time at 12-12! So it was down to Max and Steve to decide who won and Max brought home the glory for his team.

Over at Queens the home team got off to a fine start against Tams and went 3-0 up before Nitesh got one on the board by beating Harold. Queens then had another good run and took the score to 7-3 setting the pace for the evening. Tams only managed to get four more frames in and left with a disappointing 13-7 loss.

Across the road at Thairish the game against Riks at the Office finally got underway after the players found the light. Thairish got an early lead but had a battle on their hands from a very determined now away team! After lots of fun and some excellent frames Thairish enjoyed a hard fought 13-11 win.

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